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  1. If accepted, are photographers responsible for shipping and return of framed prints?
    Print size limitation or recommendations? Thank you!

  2. Is the judging by Ms Avedon “BLIND”?,,,,,are photographers names deleted from submitted entries for selection?

    1. Hi, Alison! No, they are no deleted. Ms. Avedon prefers to know who the photographers are as it’s part of her process. She sometimes googles them to get a better feel of the entry, also. Hope you and Gary are well!

      1. Thanks for your honest clarification Nancy. We will decline entering the Portrait Show because we believe that kind of juror process encourages cronyism and isn’t a truly open competition for photographers to enter and support. So glad SXSE is going well (it looks great!) Wish you all the best and hope we can cross paths again soon.

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