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South x Southeast began 5 years ago with the launch of South x Southeast Photomagazine, an online, bi-monthly publication focusing on photography of the American South. Throughout those years we have become acquainted with photographers who live here as well as those who come here seeking out the South and her stories. When we began, we knew there was work that deserved to be seen, and we wanted to show it. And you continue to fill our pages over and over again with your extraordinary images. In 2015 South x Southeast Photoworkshops and South x Southeast Shop were launched. And now, in 2016, South x Southeast PhotoExhibitions joins the brand.

During those five years you’ve re-introduced us to the American South. Through you we’ve learned things about places we thought we knew, as well as learning about places we didn’t even know existed. Coming from multi-generational Southerners that’s saying something.





My career in magazines has been long and varied, from arts and culture in Savannah, to dogs, tattoos, and biographies in New York. I am lucky to thoroughly enjoy what I do. In 1997, twenty-five years after leaving for college, I moved back to my 4th generation farm in the heart of Georgia and became reacquainted with my love of photography. For 8 years I was co-director of SlowExposures, a photography festival celebrating the rural South, and through that work learned of the superabundance of excellent photographers in and traveling to the American South.
My door is always open to your questions, suggestions, submissions, ideas, and thoughts. I appreciate you being here!


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